Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New Pullets

The day the new young ladies arrived:

Below : 
The young lady we've nicknamed "Rowdy" always has quite a bit to say for herself!

 It was an exciting time when at the end of February our 12 new pullets arrived from Heaslip's Hatcheries in Fairlie.  They were all around 16 - 18 weeks old but we're getting eggs from them already.  Dad is holding "Rowdy" who can kick up quite a racket when she is in the mood but mostly these Red Shavers from Fairlie have the same placid, gorgeous nature - and they're terrific layers.  This is the third time we've bought new pullets from the same hatchery in Fairlie. The pullets from the first two batches have now nearly all gone, passed away through old age.  We only have four "oldies" left, but they're still laying! 

The "beginner eggs" laid by the new pullets are beginning to trickle in with the normal sized eggs laid by the old girls:

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  1. The delights of hens never grow old do they? We are moving into a place that comes with one very old back hen. It will be interesting to see if she copes well with a new set of 'friends' joining her....she might even start to lay again.