Friday, 18 March 2016

Autumn Harvest

Autumn is a sumptuous feast.  

It's the beginning of the "dying time" but as if in one last extravaganza Mother Nature puts on some of her most beautiful dresses and scatters far and wide her gifts of fine fruits, berries, nuts and other delightful fare.  Not content to merely trickle to us these treats she positively rains them down in seemingly endless buckets.  It's a wonderful thing and also sometimes a little intimidating to be presented with so much bounty! 

It began with the pickles - cucumber, onion and capsicum.  Andrew poses with the jars we did a few weeks back, our second batch of "pretty pickles".


In March the pears are ready from our old Bon Chretian and Doyenne Du Comice pear trees.  We've dried some and began to bottle others in honey and cinnamon.  

The apples start to trickle in, the Granny Smith, Royal Gala and Golden Delicious. 

We have begun to dehydrate some of the apples and pears:

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  1. The pear crop looks wonderful - pear cider, canned pears, dried pears....yum. I recently bought a second hand canning set which we intend to start using soon.