Monday, 3 October 2016

The Joys Of Spring

It is the first week of October and Spring is - as the old joke goes - really springing.  The cherry blossoms which line the streets of Southbridge are bursting forth in all their glory.  Below are some photos of the cherry blossom outside our house and some other snapshots from our place.


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Daffodil Time

Spring brings it's cascade of gorgeous flowers and blossoms, none more lovely than the daffodils. Here's Andrew after paying a visit to the farm stand of the local daffodil growers. 


Against All Odds

As I sat at the traffic lights I saw ahead of me amongst a sea of giant trucks and fast cars the little butterfly fluttering obliviously over the top of them all, across the lanes, across the road. I prayed for it's safe passage and wondered what it must be like to go out into the world a fragile butterfly or a delicate bee, going about fearlessly against all the odds.  There's no hesitation, no shrinking back, just a job to do, a moment to live, even though if you think about it there are dangers on every side for these little creatures.

Is there a lesson in there for us all?  They show us there is only one way to live life - and that is bravely.