Monday, 21 March 2016

A Riot Of Beans

I'm a disorderly gardener.  I like creating a riot of plants and I poke things everywhere, anywhere.  If I see an empty container or an old bucket somewhere there's a good chance it will soon be growing a potato or a cucumber.  

Sometimes I carry seeds around with me in my pocket just in case I see a place to poke one. Two of my favourites for this are beans and sunflowers.  They are both biggish seeds and good to poke in all over the place. 

When I walked past this unused concrete water trough (below) I decided it was begging to be filled up and used to grow climbing beans because it had a wire fence beside it.  Climbing beans are also good to poke in at the feet of sunflowers and corn, a marriage made in heaven so to speak.  I guess I'm just a natural born poker.


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