Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Big Picture

Life is so much better if we are able to see the purpose in what we do, the higher goal.

Scrubbing floors, washing and drying piles of dirty dishes and dusting may not seem to be a lot of fun when you do them day after day but if you can see the higher purpose - a clean, hygienic, comfortable, pleasant home, it's easier to have a much more positive attitude towards them.

What is the purpose of your life? Do you know? Sit down with some sheets of paper and no distractions and just begin to write as the spirit leads you the answer to that question.  If you get stuck start another sheet of paper and list down those things you love to do, those things you enjoy doing or have enjoyed in the past.  More than likely a theme or a picture will start to emerge, one that helps you identify your passions and from those passions, your purpose.

The Big Picture will start to become clear to you.  Perhaps it is to own your own farm or qualify in a particular profession.  Maybe the focus of your life will be training and riding horses or travelling the world as a photographer and publishing your photographs.  It could be that you long to be a wife, mother and homemaker and raise happy, healthy children in a loving home.  Perhaps you wish to start a successful business and make lots of money or devote much of your life to helping other members of your community.  There may be several things, some more important to you than others but once you are very clear about The Big Picture - exactly what you are aiming for - your purpose will start to become very clear and that can then be reflected in how you manage your time day to day.

What purpose does this serve?  You can consider what you are doing in your day to day life and whether you are just drifting aimlessly or living purposefully.   Drifting aimlessly becomes very demoralizing and depressing.  Also consider whether it is serving a good purpose.  For example spending half an hour on Facebook every day connecting with friends and family may serve a good purpose but being on Facebook sixteen hours a day because you are depressed and lonely will probably just make you more depressed and lonely.

When you know your purpose, when you hold dear The Big Picture, it will carry you through the more mundane activities we all must do when you see how they contribute to fulfilling your goals.  Mindfully schedule good purpose into what you do in your daily life and eliminate the bad.  Those meaningful activities will all contribute towards your achievement of The Big Picture. 

Home sweet home with some freshly baked cookies.

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