Friday, 29 January 2016

About Me

Welcome to my journal. 

I'm a 56 year old New Zealand woman, country born and bred for generations and a true-blue countrywoman at heart.  I count in my ancestry a predominance of Irish blood and am one-eighth Moriori.  I live on the Canterbury Plains in the South Island.  To the east of our place, only a short distance as the crow flies,  is the beautiful Pacific Ocean and to the west we see the spectacular mountain chain known as the Southern Alps. 

This blog is primarily my journal and was inspired by my American friend Linda. Back in 2011 Linda wrote a blog entry which I still think is one of the finest pieces of writing I have ever read.  You can read it here:

After reading Linda's ever insightful observations I found myself thinking,  yes, I am here too.  This journal seeks primarily to capture some of my life, both past, present and future, and that of my loved ones and community.  It will be a simple journey, probably full of photographs because I am a keen photographer, daily happenings, quiet reflections and a lot of my own advice, mostly,  to myself. 

Thank you for joining me on this meandering journey called life. I am glad that our paths have crossed.

Below : Some photos of me over the years, some recent ones at the top.




  1. Ah! Found your photo! So nice to know what you look like, now I feel I know 'emeline' a little better :-)

  2. Wow, Emmy, just followed your link from the Silco page.
    Your photos are stunning. Reading with interest.