Friday, 22 January 2016

Pretty Old China

There is far too much "pretty china" here but I find it so hard to resist! Since I was a child I have always loved and been fascinated by the vintage and the antique.  So much of the old china seems to me especially useful and gorgeous so during my lifetime I've inherited, bought or been given quite a collection.

Who doesn't love a pretty old milk jug?!

These milk jugs have been here since I was a child.

A gorgeous old plate:

Antique sweet pea jug and sugar bowl:

A collection of lovely old pin dishes:

A beautiful Kiwi with her egg:

Of course a pretty old plate always looks better with a piece of freshly baked banana and chocolate chip cake on it!

A more modern piece but a lovely antique style wash jug and bowl:

Vintage Peacock:

This old jug with a country cottage scene is a favourite of mine to use for flowers.

Two antiques jugs:

A very old kitten ornament:

Vintage swans:

This large, antique Crown Lynn swan used to belong to my grandmother.  I also have a smaller version.

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