Sunday, 19 June 2016


There are quite exciting times ahead as my present one-room, semi-self contained cottage is altered and extended quite considerably.  At the end instead of one large cabin-style room I will have a kitchen-dining-living area, two bedrooms, one bathroom-shower-toilet area, a jewellery studio and a lot more storage room.   In fact I will have a LOT of room compared to what I have now, which will be quite blissful in one way, even though there are some nice things about living in a smaller space.

This is the kitchenette down one end of my present cottage which the lovely Andrew installed for me a few years ago but it will soon be on the move and incorporated into the rebuild.

Usually I float between this place and the main house a lot.  It's close by and the kitchen there is quite large which makes it a lot more conducive to activities like preserving. 

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