Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Crabapple The Birman

Crabapple is our pedigree Birman cat. The word that best describes him is "lazy" (well, he's a Birman cat right?).  

He doesn't really like walking and prefers to be carried around by Dad, who also finds it amusing to put Crabapple across his shoulders and carry him fireman-style or otherwise put him on the seat of his walker and use it like a cat-stroller.  Crabapple enjoys all of these methods of "transport". I notice Leonardo has now cottoned onto the "cat pram" idea and sometimes leaps onto the seat of the walker for a ride too.

Crabapple does get into climbing moods though and will be seen on the roof or top of the wall unit or fridge quite frequently.  He also likes draping himself across the roof of a car which he manages to do like he does most things - theatrically.  Yes, he can be quite the drama queen - and he has a huge ego.  I sometimes imagine he is thinking, "Don't you know who I am?"

He's very intelligent and he's really a pretty sweet little guy.   I just wish he had a more enthusiastic attitude to the Santa suit I bought him last Christmas.  He didn't exactly fight it (he was getting attention right?) but I couldn't get one "ho ho ho" out of him, more a "when will this be over Rover?".  Ah well, maybe this year he'll get into the Christmas spirit more.



"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny young Tabitha but in ourselves".
"Yes oh Wise One".
 Crabapple shares his words 
of wisdom with Tabitha
Below : Dad and Crabapple, partners in crime


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