Friday, 19 February 2016


A few weeks ago a little black kitten turned up in our backyard.  She was clearly wild - and hungry. She had however attached herself to our male tabby cat Leonardo and was following him everywhere.  

We started to feed her and inevitably this cute little minx decided to stick around and finally - adopt us!  She won't let us touch her yet but she comes into the kitchen of the main house and my cottage and makes herself at home.  She is quite relaxed so long as she knows the doors are open. 

Hopefully she will get tamer and tamer.  We have called her Tabitha.

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  1. Such beautiful cats! That kitten is adorable. We also had a black and white "teen" cat adopt us years ago. She was the biggest sweetheart. By the way, I cam across your blog through the Down to Earth forum. You have some lovely pieces on your blog.