Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fly, Fly Dearest Heart

To my mother and best friend,  Edna Doreen Manson, following her death from pancreatic cancer on 10 December 1999.  Still loved, still mourned, still missed more than words can say.

Fly, fly dearest heart
Cruelly we are torn apart
Leave behind this vale of tears
Escape from all a mortal fears.

Fly away on angel's wings
Join the choruses they sing
Cross the silver ocean free
Swim with dolphins as you flee
Leave behind all fear and pain
Go to where it never rains

Fly, fly on Earth's four winds
As stepping stones used iced mountains
Over the rainbow your spirit soars
You leave behind the ocean's roar
Catch a moonbeam, touch the moon
As you leave this earthly gloom.

Fly, fly on past the sun
Your new life has just begun
As you fly to cloudless day
Catch some sunshine on the way
Go where no tears or shadows fall
Where love and joy outlast them all

Fly, fly into the stars
That twinkle as diamond tiaras
Let the stardust in your hair
Let the starlight linger there.

Fly, fly to heaven's gate
Enter in, your loved ones wait
As Jesus takes you by the hand
You've finally reached the Promised Land.

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