Thursday, 30 June 2016

Housekeeper's Box

I love so many things vintage and antique so when I was looking through some online auctions recently this vintage style housekeeper's box below immediately caught my eye.  It's a metal box with a handle and a tray with three compartments which is inserted into the top. It reminds me of the old enamel bread bins people often used to have many years ago but evidently these types of boxes are mostly used to store cleaning products. 

It had a reserve of $8 and no one else bid so I was able to procure this treasure at what I consider to be a bargain price.  Andrew collected it for me from a house in Christchurch and so here it is - my lovely housekeeper's box! 



  1. I love your new House Keeper's Box, i'm a sucker for things like this as well. I actually think I have one of those old enamel bread boxes at the family cottage in a shed somewhere. Things (to me) were designed better and I can really appreciate something that was meant to last.

  2. It's beautiful! What will you use it for? If I had one, it would probably be sitting in our entryway to hold keys and mail and such.