Sunday, 29 May 2016

Golden Apples

 I've never stored Golden Delicious apples long term before even though the old tree has been here for years.  We've tended to either eat them quite quickly or stew and freeze them.  Golden Delicious apples stewed with a little sugar and cinnamon are heavenly!   This year I stored a box of them wrapped in newspaper and I've discovered they are not especially good keepers.  They're already shrivelling up somewhat and going quite soft so I'm going to stew and freeze these ones too.

What is very noticeable though is the gorgeous golden colour they have turned.  Straight off the tree and kept short term they are a rather pale, insipid green-more-than-gold which did always make me wonder why they called them Golden Delicious.  Now I know why!   Keep them long enough and they really are gloriously gold and delicious!

1 comment:

  1. Goodness me - it has been years since I saw a proper golden delicious. I do not think they sell them in shops near us, but I have memories of them as a kid and Nan making apple and chocko pie.