Saturday, 23 April 2016

Walnuts In Pretty Vintage Tins

It's that time again when walnuts fall. It's been a good season and a few weeks ago Verna picked up a large box full of the walnuts which were the first to hit the ground.  They've been sitting in the sun drying since then. 

Today I put these first fruits into old cake tins.  I never shell walnuts until right before I use them.  Stored in the shell they will stay sweet for a couple of years.  Once they're shelled I find they go rancid very quickly.

 I like to store walnuts very securely for one reason in particular - rats.  They love them and will come from miles around to try and raid them. I am told by the old timers that years ago they used to bait rats with walnuts dipped in vanilla - that the rats found them irresistible.  

Over the years I've gathered quite a sizeable collection of old cake tins so these are perfect to store the walnuts in - plus I get to admire the pretty tins and make use of more of them once again. 

Walnuts are great to eat as a snack and to me a chocolate cake isn't complete unless it has walnuts on it although in recent years I've developed a tendency to put them on banana cakes too since banana and walnut is always such a good combination.  Walnut and banana bread is a favourite of mine.

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  1. I love walnuts, I often eat them broken up over homemade yoghurt and chopped fruit.
    You have such a lot of pretty tins!