Saturday, 9 April 2016

How To Cut Up Pumpkin

Last night while surfing the Net I happened to stumble across a forum where many people were lamenting how hard it was to cut up a whole, large pumpkin.  I've noticed over the years many people have a problem with this.

Years ago I decided to cut up a pumpkin with an axe.  I was young and reckless, what can I say?   It worked fine but it was a bit - well, rough too.  Then I suddenly hit upon a better idea - the meat cleaver!

Put down a good solid chopping board if you are using the kitchen bench, place your pumpkin, take your meat cleaver and with a handful of short, sharp chops you will have your pumpkin cut up in no time at all.  So clean, so simple, so fast and so stress free! 

Then you can make things pumpkinny, like pumpkinny scones, yum.

You can never have too many pumpkins.

Below : Growing At Verna and Andrew's place, photos by Andrew

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  1. Great idea, I love pumpkin! I must admit that I often just leave the skin on and roast it in the oven, too lazy to peel.