Sunday, 14 February 2016


Andrew is my partner, my fiancee and the love of my life.  No one was more shocked than me when I finally fell in love at the age of 52 years!   We fell in love the day we met and now,  as we approach our fourth anniversary,  our relationship only grows stronger and better.  We are fiercely devoted to each other. 

Andrew is quite a bit younger than me but when we are together the difference in our ages simply doesn't seem to matter.  Love conquers all.

Being the avid photographer that I am Andrew is inevitably one of my favourite subjects.  This is particularly true if I can find a few props! - a sword, an interesting window or a cat or three.  Below are some of my photos and portraits of Andrew, some reflecting our day to day life, others when I have convinced him to "model" for me.  I think he really has a very expressive face which the camera loves and he's such a good sport!

Below: On 19 March 2016 Andrew went to the "Mrs Brown's Boys" show when it came to Christchurch. The top photo shows him with Brendan O'Carroll (Mrs Brown or Agnes) and the second with Dermot O'Neil (Grandad). 


  1. Awwww my darling that is such a lovely thing to say, hug xxxx loves you so very much

  2. Hi Wendy (emeline!) this is the first time I have visited your blog, and I love it so far! That man of yours is a hunk :-) Still looking for a photo of you though...hope I won't be disappointed, lol!