Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Smoothies - Greens And Other Additions

I'm a big fan of smoothies. I find it so easy and handy to be able to just fire some cottage cheese or yoghurt in a blender with some fruit and water and there's a healthy breakfast, lunch or a snack in a few minutes.  If you put them into a suitable container they're also great to take with you.  If there's a delay between making and drinking the smoothie though I find it best to avoid using bananas and apples.

I'll sometimes make a large smoothie with some cottage cheese or yoghurt and peaches or apricots and put a couple of bottles from it in the fridge,  These are very handy to grab for a quick meal, especially on your way out the door if you're pushed for time.

It's even better to turn it into a green smoothie by adding some greens.  Below is my list of "good greens for smoothies".

Good Greens For Smoothies:

(Wash first)

Silver Beet
Swiss Chard
Dandelion greens (small amount) 
Celery, including tops
Lettuce - green and red, romaine etc
Boy choy
Beet greens

Good Additions For Smoothies

Raw honey
Lemon juice
Ground flaxseed
Ground almonds
Ground sunflower seeds
Ground pumpkin seeds
Spirulina powder
Peanut butter
Cereal - oats, bran, wheatgerm etc

Silver beet growing in the garden.